Professional Roof Inspections Help Prolong The Life Of Your Roof By Catching Problems Early

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When you own a home, you'll probably need a roof inspection at some point. You should check your roof yourself too, but there are times when a professional is needed. Here's a look at when you should consider having a roof inspection done and some ways the roofer might check the condition of your roof.

When To Have A Roof Inspection Done

It's routine to have an inspection done before you buy a home, but you might also want an inspection before you sell your house so you feel confident the roof is in good shape. You'll also need a roof inspection before you have solar panels installed on your roof because your roof has to be in good shape before the panels are put on.

Another good time to have a roofing inspection is after a bad storm that has strong wind or hail. Any time you see roof damage after a storm, you should have your roof checked, but even if you don't see damage after a storm with large hail, it's still a good idea to have a roof inspection done.

How A Roof Inspection Is Done

A roofer usually inspects your roof from the inside of your attic and from the top of your house. A roofer might even use a drone to inspect your roof. A drone can provide clear, close photos of your roofing materials, and it can get in areas that are hard to access physically.

A roofing inspection checks all parts of the roof including the structure. A roof that's been leaking might have rotted rafters that make the roof weak. The roofer also checks for a rotted deck, damaged shingles, bad flashing, and seals around skylights.

Since roof damage might not be easy to find from the surface of the roof, the roofer will probably check your attic for signs of water damage, mold, and holes. Depending on the age, size, and condition of the roof, an inspection could take a couple of hours. If your roof is fairly new and in good shape, the inspection might be done much quicker.

When the roofing inspection is over, the roofer lets you know the results, and you'll have a clear understanding of the condition of your roof and the type of repairs it might need.

While having occasional professional inspections is important for the longevity of your roof, you should also inspect your roof yourself as best as you can once or twice each year. If you catch roof damage early, you can have repairs done before your home has extensive water damage.

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