3 Great Residential Roofing Materials

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Many people will save up for years to remodel their roof. It is a major home upgrade for a number of great reasons. Not only does a new roof completely reinvigorate the style of your home, but it can also improve performance when you consider weatherproofing and energy efficiency. Simply put, there's no wrong reason to invest in a new roof. However, the price of a new roof can be hard for many to fit into their budget. Of course, certain materials are more affordable than others, but they often come with drawbacks like short lifespans or lower insulation capabilities. This article takes a closer look at composite wood shingles, one of the most popular materials used in residential construction.

What Exactly Are Composite Wood Shingles?

Composite wood shingles are made up of a variety of materials. To oversimplify it, they essential consist of recycled wood fibers, polymers, and plastics held together with a water-resistant epoxy. The wooden detailing on the outside of the shingles is actually just a print. But, the prints have become more and more realistic looking in recent years. These dramatic improvements have gone so far that some people have problems telling the difference between real wood and composite wood. Even when you look up close, the differences are minimal. But you also have to remember that the shingles will be up on the roof, more than 10' away from the eye line. So, it's not like most people will be able to get a close look at the details of your shingles.

Longevity and Maintenance

As with any construction decision you need to think beyond immediate costs. That is, you need to consider how long a material will last and how much maintenance it will need in the meantime. Admittedly, a real wood shingle can last almost as long as a composite product. Both can last several decades, depending on your climate and the exact product you choose. For this reason, some people think that real wood is going to be a smarter and more stylish choice. But, what they don't consider is the fact that real wood needs to be maintained with preventative treatment every few years. This a project that costs a little money, which can really add up when you consider the costs over a long period of time.

A low maintenance and stylish material like composite wood is really hard to beat.

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