The Differences Between a Roofing Inspection and Getting a Roofing Estimate

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If your roof is damaged or just old and needs to be replaced, you may wonder about how to proceed. Your options are to have a roof inspection or to get an estimate. You'll need the advice of a roofing contractor and you'll also want to know the expected cost before you decide what to do. Here's a look at the differences between an estimate and an inspection.

A Roofing Inspection May Come with a Cost

A roofing inspection is a detailed look at your roof that identifies all the problems it might have. After checking your roof thoroughly, the contractor can give you an estimate of how much life is left in the roof and when you should plan on having a replacement done. They can also advise you about immediate repairs that should be completed or if you need to have your roof replaced right away.

A roof inspection is helpful if you're not sure what kind of condition your roof is in. If you haven't been on your roof in years and the roof hasn't been checked by a roofer in a long time, then an inspection could be a good idea so you know if your roof has problems that need repairs or so you can plan for a replacement before the roof leaks or collapses.

Since a roofing inspection is not necessarily associated with having a new roof put on, and may even be done when you sell or buy a house, a contractor will probably charge a fee for the service.

A Roofing Estimate Might Be Free

If you can tell your roof is bad because of storm damage or because the shingles are far past their expected lifespan, then you may not even need to pay for an inspection. Your roofer might just give you an estimate instead. Your roof will still have a limited inspection so the roofer can tell if the deck is in good shape and what all needs to be replaced and included in the estimate.

An estimate is often free because the roofer wants to get your business when you decide to get the new roof put on. However, you may want to get a few estimates so you can compare prices. The estimate includes the cost of materials and labor, but you may want to ask about warranties, when the work will start and end, and how long you have to make up your mind before accepting the quote.

You should be able to schedule a roofing estimate within a few days of making the call. If your roof is damaged, call a roofing contractor right away so they can take steps to get the process started before your roof problem gets worse. Connect with local roofing contractors by visiting websites like