Three Signs Your Metal Roof May Need Repair

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Metal is a strong and durable material that is gaining in popularity as a roofing choice with homeowners. However, while it may be strong and durable, it can still sustain damage due to weather elements. When there is damage, metal roof repair should be completed to help to ensure that the roof is able to keep water and moisture out of your home. Here are three of the signs that your metal roof may be in need of repair. 

The Metal Is Not Intact

One of the signs that your metal roof may be in need of repair is that the metal is not intact. You may notice holes, punctures, rips or tears in your metal panels or metal shingles. Strong wind gusts can rip through metal and flying debris can leave behind holes or punctures. Metal that is not intact allows water to seep through, which can lead to leaks in your home. 

The Metal Has Rust or Corrosion on It

Another sign that your metal roof may need repair is metal that has rust or corrosion on it. Metal roofs can be made from different types of metal, including steel, aluminum and copper. Each type of metal has its own potential issues that can occur when the metal is exposed to moisture, so you need to research what issues can occur with the type of metal you have and what the signs are of that issue. Coating or sealing metal roofs is the best way to prevent rust or corrosion. 

You Are Missing Metal Panels or Shingles

The final sign that your metal roof may need repair is missing metal panels or shingles. In some cases, strong wind gusts can actually blow metal panels or shingles right off of your roof. You may see the panels or shingles in your yard, or you may notice empty spots on your roof. The missing materials need to be replaced to fully protect your roof. 

In some cases, you may be able to spot damage to a metal roof from the ground. In other cases, the damage may not be as noticeable. This is why it is important to have your roof inspected on an annual basis. A roofer can look for these signs of damage, and many others, and catch potential roof issues before they get worse. If you notice one or more of these signs, or if it has been a year or longer since your last roof inspection, contact a metal roofing professional today to schedule an appointment to have your roof inspected and repaired, if needed. Contact companies like Acoma Roofing, Inc. to learn more.