Best Practices For Metal Roof Painting

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Painting a metal roof helps to protect it from corrosion, enhance curb appeal, and boost energy efficiency. However, you will only enjoy these benefits if you paint your roof professionally. Below are some of the best practices that professionals use when painting metal roofs.

Use the Correct Paint

The first thing you should know is that not all paints are suitable for roofing metal. There is plastic paint, metal pain, fiberglass paint, and paint for other materials. Paint manufacturers use different formulations for different materials. The formulation determines how much the paint will adhere to the surface of the material you want to paint.

If you use the wrong paint, your roof might fade or peel prematurely. Therefore, if you have some paint leftover from painting your wooden fence, don't use that paint on your metal roof.

Ensure Adequate Surface Preparation

You also need to prepare the metal roof thoroughly before painting it. Below are the specific surface preparation methods to observe:

The preparation ensures maximum contact between the paint and the metal. Maximum contact is necessary because, as mentioned above, the paint manufacturer formulated the paint for the metal. Take care not to cause any damage during the preparation.

Use a Sealant and Primer

Sealant and primers help paint to adhere properly to the metal surface. According to the home magazine Better Homes & Gardens, the sealant works by filling porous surfaces, covering knots, covering mildew, and inhibiting corrosion. The primer works by adhering to the surface of the metal to create a uniform surface for the metal paint. The primer thus ensures the paint adheres uniformly to the surface of the roof.

Apply the Correct Number of Coats

Lastly, you need to apply the correct number of coats as per the manufacturer's directions. A single coat of paint might still allow the color of the underlying material to show through. Give each successive coat adequate time to dry before you apply the next coat.

Note that painting is one of the ways of improving a metal roof, but it will not work miracles for a damaged roof. You still need to maintain your roof and fix repairs. Consult a roofing contractor for a comprehensive inspection and service if you are having problems with your metal roof.

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