3 Essential Questions To Help You Choose The Right Roofing Contractor For You

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Do you have a roof that's nearing the end of its useful lifespan? Are you needing to get it replaced so that it doesn't start leaking unexpectedly? Dealing with a leaky roof is never fun at the best of times so you certainly don't want to wait until the last minute to have it done. But if this is something you've never had to deal with before, then it can be difficult to figure out exactly which professional to hire. In some areas of the country, you might have dozens of different options, while other areas only have a few. Regardless, here are some essential questions to ask to help narrow down your choices to the right one for you:

How soon are you able to start working? The older your roof is, the more important it is that they are able to get to work right away. Unfortunately, a popular roofing contractor may already be booked up for months by the time spring starts. This may be fine in certain circumstances but some situations may be a bit more urgent. Always ask when a contractor has or will have availability, and don't be surprised if it will be a while before they are able to get to you.

What payment options do you offer? In most circumstances, a roofing contractor will expect to be paid a certain amount upfront with the rest of the money due on completion. You should also be aware of how they expect to be paid, whether that's in cash, via a check, by credit card, or by some other electronic means. Not all contractors accept all forms of payment, and you may even get a slight discount for paying via their preferred method. This is not guaranteed, but it's worth checking out anyway, just in case.

What is included in your estimate? You should not automatically choose the roofing contractor based purely on their estimate because different contractors will write up their estimates slightly differently. Some contractors will include completely brand-new supplies when writing the estimate while others may base their estimate on at least partial reuse of certain roofing materials. For the longest-lasting roof, you're going to want a contractor that will replace not just the shingles but also the most important waterproofing layers just underneath the shingles. Reusing things like the flashing layer could result in your roof starting to leak within a few years of it being replaced.

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