Home Renovation Guide To Choosing The Right Type Of Slate Roofing System And Improvements For The Needs Of Your New Roof

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When you need to have a new roof installed on your home, slate is one of the most attractive and durable premium roofing materials. It can be used for roof replacement, renovations, or new homes, but there are different materials that work better for each of these different situations. The following renovation guide will help you choose the slate roofing system that is right for the needs and design of your home.

1. Synthetic Slate Materials for Renovations with Light Construction and Few Changes

If your renovation project includes removing and replacing conventional asphalt shingle materials, then you will want to consider synthetic options. These materials will weigh less than conventional stone materials, which means that there will be fewer changes that will be needed for the structure to support the extra weight of slate roofing. You will still need to consult the manufacturer of the materials and your roofer about the structural load requirements for the materials that are being installed on your home.

2. Upgrading the Structure of Your Home to Support the Weight of Slate Roofing for Renovations

You will want to update the structure of your home to support the weight of slate if it is lightweight and designed for shingles. This usually requires installing heavier rafter beams and carrying the roof loads down to the footing beams of the foundation. This can be a lot of work but will need to be done if you want to install real slate stone materials on your roof.

3. Deciding If the New Slate Roofing Should Be Installed on Conventional Roof Decking or Slat Installation Systems

There are a couple of ways that the new slate materials can be installed on your home. It can be installed directly on top of plywood roof decking with a moisture barrier beneath it, or it can be installed on slats that are installed on your roof. Usually, it is better to use slats if you are installing real slate stone, but it may be ok to use the decking system if you are using other synthetic slate alternatives for your roof.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when looking for slate roofing systems to complete your home renovations. If you are ready to complete your home with a new slate roof, contact a roofing contractor and talk to them about some of the solutions for the right slate system for the needs of your home.

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