Why Calling A Roofer To Check Things Out After Heavy Winds Makes Sense

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When a hurricane strikes, the unfortunate damage may be frightening. You could see debris scattered on your property. Massive gusts of wind, possibly reaching upwards of 100 mph, could tear a roof apart. Contacting a roofer becomes a necessary and unavoidable step when you see that kind of damage.

The weather doesn't have to reach hurricane levels to cause significant damage, though. If a harsh thunderstorm kicks up faster than average wind, the amount of the damage may not be as severe, but harm to your roof might still result. You may only see a small piece of siding in your yard, and not much else. Regardless, consider having the roof checked anyway. You won't know for sure If any severe damage occurred until a roofer performs an inspection.

DIY Visual Inspections and a False Sense of Confidence

Seeing siding on the ground would likely prompt someone to look for missing sections of aluminum on the house. Not seeing any pieces missing could lead to a false assumption that no damage has occurred. Based on the visual inspection, you might assume the siding came from another home and blew to your yard in the wind.

Regardless, if you don't check the roof, you can't be sure there's no roof damage. Assuming all is well when severe damage exists could be a disastrous mistake. If the wind was strong enough to damage someone else's house, then it could do the same to yours. Even if your siding is intact, no guarantees exist that the roof is, as well.

Hidden Damage

Damage may be out of sight. Looking for loose or missing shingles on the ground doesn't tell the whole story. Someone has to go on the roof and walk around to look for trouble spots. Making determinations based only on debris landing in the backyard might be ill-advised. You don't know for sure where any missing shingles may have landed. And some shingles may merely be loose, which is still a serious problem. Even small amounts of damage can turn into a disaster. Water seeping through loose shingles or nails can cause damage to the roof and the house's structure. Small problems can be corrected with minor fixes, but repair work does need to take place. Otherwise, the damage may get far worse over time and require a roof replacement.

If signs of damage or evidence and things don't seem like an emergency, contact residential roofing services and tell them the situation. Consider it wise to get an expert opinion on the roof's condition.