Signs Your Home Needs A New Roof

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Residential roofs last for a long time, but they can't last forever. If you own a home, watch for these signs that indicate it's time to get your home a new roof.

Certain Shingles on the Roof Are Damaged

If any of your roof's shingles are damaged, they should be replaced so that snow and rainwater can't get under them. If snow or rain does seep under your home's shingles, the water will leak into your ceiling — where it can cause damage, and rot as well as mold and mildew growth.

Several different forces can cause damage to your roof's shingles, and the extent of the damage depends on the cause of it. Some of the more common causes of shingle damage include:

If you notice damage caused by any of these risks, only the damaged area of your residential roof will need to be replaced. This can be a very small section of shingles in the case of a tree branch or vent issue. If wind caused the damage, you'll likely need to replace larger sections of shingles — but they'll probably be on the windward side of the house.

While you may be able to notice some signs of damage from the ground, the full extent of the damage can only be assessed by a professional who gets up on the roof. A residential roofer in your area can help you determine how bad any damage that your roof sustains is and what shingles should be replaced.

Edges of Many Shingles Are Curling Up

When a residential roof begins to wear out, the edges of its shingles will curl up. This curling will first begin on the lower corners of the shingles, but it'll soon progress to the entire bottom sides of shingles if the roof isn't promptly replaced.

This curling is caused by the normal wear and tear of sunlight and heat. Even the highest-quality shingles will eventually succumb to these elements and have to be replaced. In certain areas where there's a lot of sun and extremely high temperatures, shingles may need to be replaced particularly often.

If you notice the edges of your roof's shingles curling, the entire roof probably ought to be replaced. Even sections that aren't yet curling will begin to soon, and it's usually easier to replace an entire roof at once than to do the project in different sections over a period of a few years.

Talk to a residential roofer in your area for an appraisal of your roof.