4 Reasons You Don't Want To Put Off Getting A Roof Replacement

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Since getting your roof replaced is a big investment, you may try to put it off for as long as you can. However, at some point, it may cost you more due to damage caused by an old roof than it would to replace your roof on time. Here are four reasons it's important to replace your roof before it gets old and worn out.

1. Leaks Could Rot The Deck

When you have a roof replacement done, new shingles are usually put on the old deck as long as the deck is still in good shape. If the shingles have been leaking, the deck may be rotted. In that case, the deck has to be replaced too, and that adds to the expense of a new roof.

2. A Leaky Roof Is A Safety And Health Hazard

If the roof deck sustains enough water damage, it could get weaken and sag. The deck might even collapse. A rotted deck is a safety hazard for anyone working on the roof since it may not support their weight.

Water-damaged wood attracts insects, and insects attract birds and animals that like to eat them. Plus, damaged wood can be gnawed or pecked open quite easily, and that allows birds and animals to get in your attic and contaminate your home with their droppings. When your roof can't protect your attic any longer, the animals that get inside can cause extensive damage that poses a health risk and is expensive to repair.

Also, when the roof leaks and the wood is kept damp, mold may begin to grow. When your home has mold spores in the air, it may irritate your allergies. Mold also gives your home a foul, musty odor.

3. A Leaking Roof Causes Water Damage

You may not always realize your roof is leaking. The rain might roll down between the walls and cause water damage you don't know about. When your roof leaks, more than your roof is damaged. You might have to replace the insulation in your attic or have emergency electrical repairs if rain contacts electrical wiring.

The leak could ruin a ceiling, wall, or floor. You may have to pay a lot more in water damage repair for your home than you would to replace your roof on time.

4. A Worn-Out Roof Doesn't Provide Much Protection

Your roof has the important job of protecting your home from rain, wind, and even fire. When the shingles are worn down due to granule loss or cracks, they can't protect your home as well, and your home could be at a higher risk of damage during a storm.

A worn-out roof is usually an eyesore too. The roof may be discolored in places and have missing or crooked shingles. By having a roof replacement before your roof gets in bad shape, your home will have better curb appeal, and your house will have the best protection possible.

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