Correcting Myths You May Have Heard About Metal Roofing Systems

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When a homeowner is needing to decide on a type of roofing for their home, they may not consider metal roofing systems due to the spread of misinformation and being inexperienced with this style of roof. In order to make effective decisions, you might benefit from learning the truth about some common misconceptions regarding metal roofs.

Myth: A metal Roof Will Be Extremely Vulnerable To Water Damage From Rain

A homeowner may assume that a metal roof will be far more susceptible to being damaged from rain. However, this is not a concern that a homeowner should have, as these roofing systems are treated to be extremely resistant to moisture damage. This is done through the application of a sealant that will be able to prevent the rain from actually coming into contact with the surface of the metal. In fact, metal roofing systems will commonly outlast shingles and tiles as long as basic maintenance is provided. This will involve cleaning the metal roof so that moss and dirt can be removed before they trap moisture against the roof long enough to cause corrosion or other structural damage to it.

Myth: The Energy Efficiency Of A Metal Roof Will Be Much Lower Than A Shingle Or Tile Roof

Metal roofing can be extremely energy efficient. While the metal itself will be relatively thin, there will be ample insulation under it. This will allow for drafts and convective heat exchange to interfere with the interior temperature of the home. In fact, metal roofing systems can actually be more energy-efficient as they will lack many of the small gaps that can work between shingles and tiles.

Myth: Metal Roof Systems Will Always Produce A Lot Of Glare

It is often assumed that a metal roof will always produce a strong glare that will hurt the eyes of those nearby. In reality, the homeowner will be able to reduce or completely prevent a bright glare through some simple steps. One of the most common will be to apply a glare-reducing coating to the roof. This can substantially reduce the glare, but this coating will have to be periodically applied as it will degrade over time. Additionally, it can actually be possible to paint the roof. When choosing a color to paint the roof, you may wish to avoid a color that is dark as this can substantially increase the temperature of the roof after the sun has been shining on it for hours.

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