A Homeowner's Guide To Siding, Exterior Storm Damage, And Repairs

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Storms cause a lot of damage to residential structures. This damage is seen on the roofs and siding of homes. When you have a problem with storm damage to the exterior of your home, you want to ensure repairs are done quickly.

The first step is to evaluate the damage that storms have caused to the exterior of your home. This can often be seen on the roof, but storms also affect siding. Therefore, you may need to have repairs done to the roof, cornice, and siding on your home.

Inspect The Eaves For Signs Of Storm Damage

The eaves are the overhangs of your roof and part of siding. These are areas where you will want to look closely for signs of damage. Sometimes, the damage may be barely noticeable, but there are tale-tale signs of damage like watermarks. The problems with the eaves that you should look for include:

These are the signs of exterior storm damage that you will want to look for on the eaves of your home. Take note of this damage and show it to the siding contractor that gives you an estimate to complete repairs.

Look For Siding That Is Coming Loose Due To Damage

On the walls of your home, siding may begin to become loose due to storms. Therefore, you are going to want to look for the signs that there are loose pieces of siding. Sometimes, these loose pieces can be refastened to your home, but they may be a more serious problem. You will want to talk to the siding contractor about problems with loose materials and whether they can be easily repaired.

The Obvious Storm Damaged Siding That Needs Repairs

There are also more obvious signs of damage that will need repairs after a storm. The most obvious sign is the siding being blown off your home. Sometimes, the problems can be due to debris from trees and wind. Document the obvious damage for your records, even though it may be easy to see. Also, ask the siding contractor to itemize the different types of damage and costs of individual repairs that need to be done.

Getting Started With Repairs And Siding Replacement

Once you have assessed all the exterior storm damage, you are ready to begin repairs. This process could take longer if there are sections of siding that need replacement. Talk with a siding professional for help with assessing the damage and giving you a written estimate for the cost of repairs.

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