Addressing Several Common Residential Roofing Questions

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Failing to see roofing damage as a serious problem for your home can lead to it suffering a variety of secondary problems and issues that will be far more expensive to correct. Whether you have only recently purchased a home or you have lived in a house for years, improving your awareness of the problems that a roof can encounter will be vital for keeping your home stable and in good condition.

Can the Humidity in the Attic Impact the Roofing System?

The humidity in the attic can be a source of roof damage that homeowners may not adequately consider. When there is a high humidity level in the attic, it is more likely that there will be condensation forming on the roofing components. Preventing this problem from occurring will require the humidity in the attic to be reduced, which can be done with humidity control systems or potentially even just improving the ventilation for the attic so that any moist air can vent out of this confined space. When a homeowner realizes that damage to the roof has already resulted from the condensation, repairs should be completed immediately. Otherwise, the rot that formed may eventually contribute to the roof collapsing.  

What Should Be Done for Bee or Wasp Hives That Are Built on the Roof?

Wasps and bees will often build their nest on the roof of a home. This can be a seemingly safe place for these insects as the roof is elevated away from potential predators. However, these nests can be remarkably damaging to a roof. Removing them will be vital for preventing them from contributing to the roof rotting due to moisture retention and a lack of airflow. Once the nest has been removed, a roof repair contractor should inspect the area where the nest was located to determine if damages were caused.

Will a Sagging Roof Need a Total Replacement?

A roof that has developed a noticeable sag can be another common problem for homes and businesses. While a sagging roof can indicate that there is a serious structural problem with the roof, the repairs for this may not always be as extensive as you may assume. If the sagging is only slight and the exterior of the roof is free of damage, replacing the failed supports that are causing the sagging may be enough to correct this roofing damage.

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