Asphalt Roofs: Age Could Be A Reason To Replace Yours

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If you're debating whether or not to replace your asphalt shingle roof this summer, you want to make an informed decision soon. Asphalt shingle roofs have shorter lifespans than tile and other roofing systems. Age and other factors can affect your shingled roof now and how well it holds up in the future. Learn how aging affects your asphalt roof and why it may be one of the reasons you need to get a roof replacement soon.

What Age-Related Issues Will Your Roof Face?

Although age isn't always a reason to replace a roof, it can be in some cases. Roofs age at different rates. For example, tile and copper roofs can last for five decades or more, while other roofing systems may last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. However, asphalt shingle roofs have a 20-year lifespan at the most. 

One of the age-related issues asphalt roofs succumb to is weathering. Weathering caused by wind, rain, and other natural conditions can make roofs vulnerable to water and heat damage. Weathering may also be more problematic on dark roofs and on roofs that lack good ventilation. Dark roofs can attract heat. Along with many other issues, weathering can cause significant irreparable damage throughout your asphalt roofing system. 

Weathering and age are some of the reasons you might want to replace your roof. If you choose to go ahead with the replacement, call a roofing contractor soon.

How Do You Proceed With the Replacement?

A roofing contractor will consider a number of things before they replace your shingled roof, including the style and color of your shingles. If you want to extend the life of your new roof, you should use lighter-colored shingles to do so. Light-colored shingles reflect sunlight and heat instead of absorb them. Not only does this extend the life of your roof, it keeps your utility expenses down.

Also, a roofer may think about the type of ventilation to use for your new roof. Along with the right shingles, the proper ventilation system reduces heat damage in your roof and home. A roofer may offer or provide a number of ventilation systems you can choose from, including attic fans and vents.

A roofing contractor may consider many other things regarding the replacement of your roof, including when to schedule or begin the project. To avoid problems with your home, the replacement must be completed in a timely manner.

If you're still thinking about replacing your roof and need help making a decision, talk to a a roofing contractor for more details.