Why Your Gutter System Needs Guards Installed

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When it comes to roof work, you might think about patching up some shingles or checking on the flashing near your chimney or satellite dish. But there's something else up there that every homeowner should pay attention to, and that's your gutter system. If you live in an area with a lot of trees or if you frequently get bad storms with strong gusts of wind, it's possible you could get some debris accumulating inside your gutters over time. For best results, consider contacting a local roofing contractor to have gutter guards installed. Here are just some of the benefits that gutter guards can provide

Prevent a Leak That Could Damage Your Foundation

Whether it's pine needles or branches from nearby trees or larger debris that is swept into your gutters during a storm, this debris can and will eventually lead to a leak if it is not cleared on a regular basis. Once you have a clog in your gutters thanks to too much debris, the next time a rainstorm comes along, the water will stop at the point of the clog and it might decide to just drip straight down towards the ground. When water falls off of your roof or out of your gutters at this angle, the chances of it causing erosion to the soil by your house's foundation are quite high. If left untreated, you could end up with a leak in your basement as well.

You Won't Have to Go up There Quite as Often

Once gutter guards are installed, you will be able to rest at least a little bit easier. If your house is surrounded by trees, you might currently be in the habit of sweeping the gutters out after every single storm. When you have guards installed, you can have peace of mind of knowing that the bulk of any debris will have been kept out by your new installation. To be clear, you should still periodically check your gutters anyway just to make sure the guards are still working as intended, but you won't need to spend nearly as much maintenance time up there as you might be doing right now.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Gutters

Another downside of wet debris lingering inside your gutters is that it can lead to corrosion. All of those damp leaves have water on them obviously, and when the water is allowed to stay in one spot for a long time, corrosion or other wear and tear can begin.

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