The Slate Roofing Problems That Need Repairs To Ensure Your Roof Lasts

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Slate tiles may look like one of the most durable options for roofing, but they are vulnerable to damage just like any other roofing material. Therefore, slate roof repairs are important to ensure your roof lasts, and you do not have serious problems with leaks. The following slate roofing problems are some of the issues you may have to have repaired to ensure your roof lasts.

Weather Damage to Slate Tiles

Storms and weather can cause problems with slate tiles that will need to be repaired. If there are storms, hailstones can cause pitting and damage to the tiles that need to be repaired. Sometimes, weather like snow can cause wear of the weaker slate tiles, and they will need to be replaced before problems with wear and damage get worse.

Cracked Slate Tiles That Cause Leaks

Cracks are another serious issue that you may have to deal with when it comes to slate tiles. Sometimes, these problems may be due to tiles that have natural defects that cause them to crack. There are also problems like debris falling on tiles or severe weather that can cause the slate to crack and need to be replaced.

Slate Tiles That Have Slid Out of Place

Another problem that you may have with slate tiles is them moving. Sometimes, common wear can cause the slates to slide out of place and leave areas of your roof exposed to the elements. These slates can be repaired by sliding them back into place and installing a metal anchor to hold them to prevent them from sliding out again.

Missing Slate Roof Tiles That Need to Be Replaced

In addition to the slates moving, sometimes that may be completely missing from the roof. This is a problem that can be caused by the tiles working loose and falling off, or it could be due to wind damage blowing them off the roof. The missing tiles will need to be replaced with a new slate tile to prevent leaks and damage to your home. You should save a bundle of slate tiles when you install the roofing to have the same color materials when you need to have these repairs done.

These are slate roof problems that you may need to have repaired to ensure your roof lasts, and you do not have leaks that cause damage. If your roof is showing signs of some of these problems, contact a slate roof repair service to have them fixed.