Roof Replacement With Cedar Shakes And How To Prevent Moisture Damage

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When replacing asphalt shingles with shake roofing, there are some issues that you should know about. One of the problems is moisture that can cause shakes to rot and reduce there life. Therefore, when you replace your shingles with shakes, you need to know how to prevent this moisture damage, so the new wood roofing lasts. The following cedar shake installation and care information will help you ensure you do not have these moisture problems.

Identify the Old Roof Wear and Moisture Problems

Before you can even install the new cedar shakes, the old shingles need to be removed. This is going to be the time when you want to evaluate existing problems with shingle wear and moisture damage to plywood decking. If there are areas with moisture damage on plywood decking, they can be issues when you install wood shake materials. Therefore, you will want to consider improvements that reinforce the underlayment and keep moisture from causing problems.

Prepare the Roof for the Installation of Shakes

The roof deck will also need to be prepared for the installation of shakes. The first step is to install an asphalt paper moisture barrier that prevents problems with condensation and moisture. When installing shakes, the roof can also have slats installed. The slats will allow the shakes to be installed correctly, which will reduce problems with moisture getting trapped and causing rot.

Moisture Barriers and Allowing Shake to Breathe

There are also modern moisture barriers that need to be installed to reinforce problem areas of your roof. These membranes can be rubber-like flashing materials that seal the most vulnerable areas of the roof. When the shakes are installed, they need to be installed on the slats with a strip of felt paper on each row. The felt paper will allow moisture and condensation to flow off the roof. The shakes need to also have enough space to breathe, which is why they are installed on the slats. Leave an expansion-gap between each shake to allow movement as they expand and contract in different weather conditions.  

Proper Care of the New Cedar Shakes to Stop Damage

Lastly, taking proper care of cedar shake roofing is very important, and you want to keep your roof clean. Make sure to regularly remove tree debris and other grime that can build up on the roof. Keeping the roof clean will ensure your shakes last longer. Sometimes, they can even last longer than asphalt shingles.

Doing these things will ensure you do not have moisture problems with new cedar shakes. When you get ready to install shakes on your home, contact a local residential roofing service. Talk to them about the right improvements to stop moisture damage.