Why Your Next Roof Should Be A Tile Roof

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You must have noticed the beautiful Terracotta tile roofs adorning Spanish style homes and admired the way they elegantly finish off a home's look. Tile roofs, though, are more than just attractive to look at. Read why a tile roof should be considered when it's time for a new roof for your home.

Tile Roofs Can Resist Fire

You don't have to live in a fire-prone state to be aware of the danger of fires that spread rapidly and can destroy many homes in no time at all. Tile roofs provide an unprecedented level of protection against fires. The material from which tile roofs are made was created out of a need to prevent an entire city from burning down. When buildings are close to each other in large cities like Paris and London, a single burning building can spread and completely destroy a city. Today, tile roofs are just as fire-resistant and tout the highest possible level of heat resistance – Class A.

Tile Roofs Can Take the Elements

With a traditional shingle roof, the sun, wind, rain, snow, and all the things the environment can throw at it will eventually cause it to break down and need replacing. Tile roofs are almost impervious to the usual elements, however.

Tile Roofs Last More Than 50 Years

While it's true that you will pay a bit more for a tile roof initially, that investment will pay off in a big way. Tile roofs may last far longer than the warranted 50 years advertised. Just think, a tile roof could be the last roof you have to pay for in your lifetime.

What Else To Know About Tile Roof Choices

  1. With tile roofs, two primary types are available: clay or concrete.
  2. While both types of tile roofing materials last a very long time, traditional clay tiles have a slight edge when it comes to longevity. If you live in a very warm climate, clay tiles may be the best choice when it comes to standing up to unrelenting heat and sunlight. If you want your roof to maintain its lovely deep coral color longer, go for Kiln-fired clay roof tiles for colorfast and long-lasting beauty.
  3. Concrete is a somewhat new type of tile material and is almost always less expensive than traditional tile material. The wonderful thing about concrete tile, besides the price, is the way it can be easily adapted to fit any architectural style home. For instance, you can find concrete tiles that look just like costly slate.

You may be amazed at the difference a new tile roof can make for you. Speak to a professional roofer and find out more today.