Do I Need Roof Repair?

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Taking care of a home is a very time-consuming and oftentimes stressful job for home owners. When it comes to the roof on your house, it is crucial that you take care of routine maintenance to help protect your investment in your home. Having roof repair done as problems arise can help keep you from needing an entire roof replacement sooner than necessary. Here are a few ways to know if you need to contact your roofing contractor about repairs.

Damaged Shingles

Anytime your shingles are cracked, curled, or missing, you need a roofing contractor to come in and help fix the damaged area. If you leave a damaged shingle without taking care of the problem, you are likely to experience more problems down the road such as mold growth or leaks inside your house. A great way to tell if your shingles are deteriorating is to check your gutters for granules from the asphalt shingles. As shingles age, they break down and can catch and clog in the gutters on your house—this is a clear sign that you need roof repair.

Gutters Overflowing

When your gutters are regularly overflowing and not allowing the water to flow off of your roof, chances are you are going to experience water pooling on the surface of your roof. This can damage the shingles and even damage the decking beneath the shingles, which will lead to mold and a number of other problems. If your gutters are overflowing from nearby trees as the seasons change, you might need to cut your trees back to help protect your roof, or hire a roof repair company to help identify if the roof itself is part of your problem.

Animals in the Attic

Rodents and squirrels can creep into your attic space by means of a very small opening or hole in your roof. If you are unsure of where these critters are getting in, your roofing contractor is trained to identify these problem areas and can help get your roof repair done and keep your attic critter-free. Waiting too long to have this taken care of will make the problem worse as animals will make nests and have babies in the comfort of your home. While you might like having guests over, tiny rat babies might not be the most pleasant house guests for you and your family.

For more information, contact a roof repair company.