Why Your Tiny Home Needs Metal Roofing Installation

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As you put together your tiny home build, one thing that will stand out is your roof. If you plan on traveling in your tiny home, you will likely want to ensure the roof you choose can handle the traveling and elements. This often means you will want to use a roofer for professional roof installation services. If you haven't settled on the type of roof you want, here are some reasons to consider metal roofing. 

Traveling Conditions

One of the reasons you will need a metal roof for your tiny home is due to traveling conditions. During travel you will want to make sure the roof is lightweight so you can meet most of the road weight limits you may come across. You will also want a roof that can handle high winds, changing climates, and changing weather conditions such as rain and snow. Though other roofing materials can handle these situations, a metal roof is more durable and built to resist the damages that the traveling conditions can bring.

Heating and Cooling

A difficult issue for many tiny home owners and travelers is maintaining the right temperature within the tiny home. The temperature needs to be maintained during travel so that when you are able to stop for the evening, the area is comfortable. This is especially true in the loft area of the tiny home which is the usual location for the sleeping area. A metal roof can help reduce the heat that enters into the tiny home as it helps reflect the sun back out. This puts less heat in your insulated layer of the roof and less heat that your chosen cooling or heating system has to battle against to maintain a comfortable environment.

Heavy Snow

An issue that many tiny home travelers encounter is entering an area that has a sudden snowfall. This can happen when climates change drastically, such as traveling from the southern United States to northern areas. These sudden snow falls can result in heavy snow that leaves you grounded in a particular area for a number of hours or days. A metal roof can not only withstand the pressure, it can also withstand the snow and possible ice that can form without damage occurring to your roof. 

When you are ready to have your tiny home outfitted with the roof, contact your roofing contractor. They can come to the tiny home site, take measurements, and determine the next steps for the metal roofing installation. They can also help answer questions you may have regarding durability or if additional accessories, such as rain chains or gutters, would be useful for your specific needs.