Things To Know About Reroofing Your Home

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As a roof starts to suffer extensive wear and tear, it will come time to replace it. When replacing the roof, a homeowner may want to choose reroofing over a total replacement. Knowing some key pieces of information will make it easier to determine whether this is the option you want to pursue for your home's roof.

Reroofing Can Be Far Quicker And More Affordable

During the reroofing process, an additional layer of roofing is placed on top of the existing one. This will provide for the same benefits as replacing the roof, but it can be much faster and more affordable. This is due to the fact that you will not need to have the previous layer of roofing removed. As a result, it is often possible for this option to be done in as little as half the time.

The Roof Will Need To Be In Relatively Good Condition To Be Reroofed

In order for reroofing to be an option for your home, it is important for the roof to be in relatively good condition. While exterior wear is expected, it will not be possible to use reroofing if the previous roof has suffered significant structural damage or other issues. This is due to the fact that the new layer of exterior roofing will be unlikely to adequately correct these issues. As a result of this reality, you will need to have the roof inspected before you are able to determine whether or not reroofing is going to be a suitable option.  

Reroofing Can Only Be Done Once

Not surprisingly, the addition of another layer of roofing materials can add a lot of weight to the roof. This means that reroofing will typically only be able to be done one time. Otherwise, the roofing materials may be too heavy for the supports, which can result in the roof destabilizing or even collapsing. After the home has undergone a reroofing one time, it will be necessary to have a total roof replacement done the next time that this work is needed for the home.

Major roofing work can be some of the most stressful things that a homeowner will need to do. However, reroofing can be one of the easier options when it comes to replacing your home's roof. By taking advantage of this option, you will be able to have this major project done for a lower cost and in less time.