What Type Of Roofing Material Is Right For My Home?

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Whether you've got a brand-new home that needs a roof or you've scheduled a roof replacement for one that was damaged by a recent storm, you'll have a lot of options when you talk to your roofer about possible materials. The first thing you should consider is your budget, but the second is the aesthetic design that you're looking for in your home. Thanks to recent innovations in roofing materials, you can adapt just about any of the materials listed below to match the style that you want for your house.


By far, the most popular choice for residential roofing materials is asphalt. Nearly 80% of homes in the United States use asphalt composite roofing on their homes, precisely because it's easy to install and simple to maintain. Moreover, it lasts anywhere from 15 to 20 years, which is long enough for most homeowners to get a decent amount of life out of it. It's also relatively easy to repair since cracked and warped shingles can be replaced one by one as they start to deteriorate.


If you're looking for a truly natural look to your home, you should opt for wood or a wood composite. While wood has been a staple of homes for centuries, fire-rated wood can withstand virtually every element out there, leaving you with a formidable barrier to protect your home. While it may be more expensive than asphalt, it also represents a unique aesthetic to your home that will allow you to truly stand out from the other homes in your area.


Even though metal has been a favorite for commercial buildings for a long time, metal roofs are finding their way into residential neighborhoods because they're able to be textured and colored just about any way the homeowner wants. They're installed by laying out massive sheets of metal, cutting down on installation time—though they may require several roofers to work on each piece at a time. They're wind-resistant, sun-resistant, and fire-resistant, which helps lock-in energy savings and lower expenses for years to come.


For those who truly want the most durable substance available, you can't go wrong with slate. It's carved straight from the earth and placed on top of your home, and even though it's extremely heavy, it's also virtually impervious to just about any type of potential damage. Moreover, it requires virtually no maintenance and can last up to 200 years if you use the right material.

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