Items To Consider When It Is Time To Replace Your Home Windows

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New windows on your home are a great way to improve its exterior appearance and also make a drafty home more energy efficient. But before you select a new set of windows, here are some items to consider when you are looking at replacement windows for your home.

High Wind and Hurricane Threat

One of the factors you need to look at when selecting new windows for your home is what type of weather events occur in your region of the country. If, for example, you live along the coastal region where hurricanes or tornadoes are common, you may want to look at a high wind-resistant window to protect your home interior. 

In the event of a hurricane or hurricane-force winds, you want your windows to remain just as strong as the exterior walls and roof of your home, and this is possible with impact-resistant windows. You will be protecting your home interior and possessions with windows rated for strong winds. And you can find the same style of windows that you want for your home exterior with all the wind protection your area requires.

Look For Low Maintenance Options

You can also look for a window that will make it easy for you to care for them and still retain their protection and great appearance. Having solid wood framed windows is a great option, especially if your home is a historical home and the windows are designed to match the time period, but when the paint begins to peel from the window frames, you will need to sand them and repaint. Without handling proper maintenance on, for example, wood framed windows, you put them at risk of weather damage and rot. And this can put your home interior at risk of moisture and energy problems.

However, there are many types of window frames you can choose from, even to get the look of real wood in the frames. If you want wood frames but without needing to repaint, you can choose a composite framed window that has the look of real wood but because it is made with a mixture of wood shavings and resin, it does not require painting. You can also select a window made with fiberglass, which is resin combined with durable glass fibers and polyester resins combined. Or a sleek vinyl window frame or one made of aluminum may fit your budget and home needs.

Reach out to a professional for more information about replacement windows