Preventive Maintenance Tips For Residential Flat Roof Systems

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Preventive flat roof maintenance is an excellent way of reducing costly repairs. This form of maintenance allows you to manage minor issues before they cause extensive damage to the structure. It also keeps the roof in excellent condition, increasing its efficiency and lifespan. If you want to save money and extend your flat roof's usable life, follow these preventive maintenance measures.

Check for Ponding

Flat roofs have a small slope, which increases the risk of ponding. However, most roofs are designed with a slope that allows water to flow into the gutter systems. A well-designed roof may experience ponding if gutters and drains are clogged. Thus, regularly check your roof drainage systems for any signs of failure. 

Clogged drains and gutters fail to eject water from the roof, which causes it to pool on the structure. Pooling water compromises the structural integrity of roofing materials. It can cause premature wear and tear and lead to leaks. Thus, clean your drainage system regularly to prevent ponding. 

Look Out for Blisters

Blisters form on a roof due to excessive heat damage. The design of flat roofs exposes a large surface of the structure to direct solar rays. Over time, the sun's heat can cause the membrane to blister in certain areas due to the constant expansion and contraction. Blistering causes premature wear, leading to the deterioration of roofing materials. Thus, you need to look out for the damage and repair your roof.

You can fix blistering by replacing the roof membrane over the blistered area. If you allow the material to degrade further, it will cause leaks. As you repair these blisters, check your roof ventilation system as well. Inadequate ventilation can cause moisture to get trapped between membrane layers, causing blisters. Also, invest in roof insulation to prevent condensation on the roof's underside.

Re-Apply Roof Coatings

Roof coatings create a protective barrier between your materials and the environment. Cool roof coatings also block solar rays and improve a flat roof's energy efficiency. However, over time, these coatings can break down due to solar radiation and inclement weather. You need to reapply the coatings to protect your roof from the elements. A visual inspection by a roofing contractor can reveal wear in your existing coating. If you need to re-coat your roof, go for quality and durable products such as silicone coatings.

Manage Environmental Risks

Environmental risks such as falling tree branches and leaves can undermine the integrity of your flat roof. Organic matter introduces moisture on the surface and encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Once it rots, it can leave unsightly marks on the roof as well. Protect your structure by preventing these risks. Clean your roof regularly to get rid of organic matter. Trim any branches overhanging your roof.

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