2 Things You Can Do In Your Attic To Determine The Condition Of Your Home's Roof

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When you look at your roof from outside of your home, it may appear to be in good condition. However, since the roof has a few years on it, you may be wondering whether or not it is time to have a new one installed.

However, looking at it from the outside may not give you a clear picture of how well the roof is holding up. As such, you should go inside to get a better idea. Below are a couple of things that you can do in your home's attic to help you determine the true condition of the roof.

1.  Shine a Light in the Corners and on the Walls to Check for Signs of Water Leakage

One thing that you can do in your attic to determine whether or not your roof's condition warrants replacement is to check for signs of water leakage. You can do this by shining a bright flashlight into the corners and along the walls of the attic. While each area is fully illuminated, check for any changes in coloring compared to the rest of the surface area. If you see any areas where the paint, wallpaper, or wood is dark, these spots indicate water seeping into the surface. Also, look for any buckling or peeling that indicates excess moisture.

2.  Look at the Ceiling After Turning off the Lights in the Attic

After fully inspecting the walls, corners, and ceiling of your attic with a flashlight, the next thing you can do to ascertain how well your home's roof is holding up is to turn off all of the lights. While the lights are off, look up at the ceiling to see if you see any light shining through.

If streams of light are able to penetrate the roof and ceiling of the attic, this means that there are gaps in your roof's shingles, and possibly, the underlying plywood. Especially if you also notice water stains, these areas are most likely allowing water to leak into your house.

If you find signs of water leakage in your attic or see outside light streaming into the space, your roof may be in worse condition than what it appears to be when you look at it from your yard. Contact a company near you that offers whole roof replacement services to have them perform a thorough inspection to determine your roof's overall condition to see if it is time to have a new one installed. Likewise, contact a roofing replacement service for more information.