Repairing And Patching Your Roof To Prepare For Replacement And Prevent Damage While You Wait For Help

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The roof of your home may eventually need to be replaced, which is something that may require you to wait for help with repairs. While you wait for a roofing contractor to replace worn and damaged shingles, there are going to be some repairs and improvements that need to be done to prevent damage to your home. The following tips will help with the repairs and improvements that need to be done, while you wait for help with replacing your asphalt shingles: 

Inspecting Your Shingles and Roofing Materials for Wear and Signs You Need A Replacement  



The shingles on your roof show signs of wear like curling, granules wearing the surface smooth, and other damage when they need to be repaired. In addition to the wear of shingles, there are other materials on the roof of your home that will show signs of wear and damage when it is time to replace your roof, such as corrosion of flashing and wear or damage to vent boots.  



Dealing with Roofing Problems and Patching the Minor Leaks That Need to Be Repaired to Prevent Damage  



The problems with worn shingles are sometimes small leaks, which can be patched to repair damage and prevent problems with roofing material. Therefore, you want to keep simple materials that can be used to patch holes and minor leaks. Keep tubes or cans of asphalt roofing cement available to allow for quick and easy repairs when you do minor repairs.  



Extra Materials and Replacing an Occasional Shingle That Is Missing or Damaged on The Roof of Your Home  



The materials that are installed on your roof may occasionally be blown off due to excessive wind or be so worn that they need to be replaced. Therefore, whenever you have a roof replacement or other repairs done, it is a good idea to buy extra flashing and a couple of bundles of shingles to have handy for these types of repairs when they need to be done.  



Tarps and Installing Them to Deal with Storm Damage While You Wait for Help with Roof Replacement  



The storms that cause damage to your home can also mean that you need to protect your home from water damage. Installing tarps is the best way to protect your home while you wait for roof replacement when storms have caused severe damage. The tarps should be well-fastened to the roof and cover all the areas where shingles are missing from your roof. 



These are some tips to help with the repairs and maintenance that need to be done to prevent damage to your home while you wait for help with a roof replacement. If your roofing shingles are worn and at the end of their life cycle, contact a roofing contractor and talk to them about inspecting your roof and replacing the shingles.  



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