Work With A Commercial Roofing Company To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape Over The Years

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When you buy a new building for your business, you'll need to work with different contractors to do maintenance and repairs on the property so you protect your investment. For instance, you'll need a commercial roofing company to inspect, repair, and maintain your roof on a routine schedule. Here are some things the company might do.

Perform Roof Inspections

You may want the roofer to check your commercial roof twice each year. This gives them a chance to find leaks and damage to the roof before problems have time to turn into a major issue. After the inspection, they will provide you with the documents needed to show proof of proper roof maintenance.

A roof inspection involves a lot of elements such as looking for puncture holes, depressions that hold water, bird damage, flashing damage, drainage problems, algae growth, loose seams, and debris accumulation.

Make Repairs As Needed

Roof membranes have seams where the rolls of membrane material join together. These seams might work apart and allow rain to leak through, so the roofer checks them carefully for gaps. If a gap is found, it can be repaired with seam tape and adhesive or through heat welding depending on the type of membrane roofing you have.

Your commercial roofing company also checks closely for punctures since these are common on membrane roofs. Punctures can be repaired with patches, and they should be repaired promptly so rain doesn't get in the holes and under the membrane.

A sealcoat can be applied to various types of commercial roofing as a form of roof maintenance or repair. The purpose of a coating is to seal holes that lead to leaking, cover rust, give a new surface to worn-out roofing, protect the roof from UV damage and rain, and reflect the sun to keep your building cooler.

You may not want or need a sealcoat for your roof, but when your roof gets old and shows increasing damage with each inspection, your roofer might suggest a sealcoat as a way to protect your roof and get more years of service from it.

Put On A New Roof

If you own your building long enough, you'll have to think about a new roof at some point. This gives you the chance to talk to your roofer about the pros and cons of membrane, spray foam, and metal roofing. You want a new roof that fits your budget, has an installation method that works with your operations, and is durable. Each type of commercial roofing has pros and cons, and an experienced roofer can help you sort through them to select the right type of roofing for your building.