Should You Pick Metal For Residential Roofing Replacement?

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Are you thinking of swapping your old roof with a new one? You'll find many different materials to choose from—cedar, tile, metal, and asphalt shingles are just some of the choices available. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to understand how they stack up against each other before making your final decision. This article will help you learn more about metal roofing and whether it could be the right choice for residential roofing replacement.

1. Lightweight and Doesn't Need Major Structural Changes

One concern in roof replacement is the high cost you might incur doing structural changes to support the new roof. When choosing your materials, remember that lightweight metals are great for residential roofs because they don't require structural changes to your home. It translates to affordability and retains safety in the original design.

2. Higher Energy Efficiency Because of Reflectivity and Emissivity

Metal has higher efficiency ratings in reflectivity and emissivity than other materials. Both properties allow for more effective heat transfer when it comes to cooling a home—whether from direct sunlight or radiant energy from indoor sources. The result is a cumulative reduction in heating and cooling bills.

3. Resistant to Organic Growth Like Mold and Moss

If you're concerned about organic growth, metal would be a good choice for residential roofing replacement. While other materials allow mold and mildew to grow out of control and even rot your roof, metal creates a solid surface that resists those issues entirely. 

It is naturally resistant to mold and doesn't harbor insects or rodents, either. In addition, it keeps your family safe from irritants caused by this organic growth, including respiratory allergies. 

4. Fire Resistant 

Metal is highly fire-resistant, so it's a great choice for homes in fire-prone areas. If you live in an area that experiences wildfires or have a wood-burning fireplace, metal roofing can help keep your home safe from damage. And if you need to replace your roof due to storm damage, metal roofs are also wind-resistant and can withstand high winds better than other materials.

5. Highly Durable 

Metal roofing's durability is one of its best-selling points. A metal roof can withstand much more wind, hail, and snow than shingles and has a very impressive lifespan. This replacement will have a high ROI you can be proud of for a long time.

A new roof can make a big difference in the comfort and efficiency of your home, but your choice of material has a big impact. Contact a roofer to discuss residential roofing replacement