Find Ways Your Metal Roof Could Be Problematic

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Even the products considered to be perfect have their fair share of problems. So, do not be surprised when your metal roof begins to display some issues. Various things cause, some of which are beyond your control. However, the effects can be less severe compared to other roofing options such as asphalt. Here are highlights of some common issues with metal roofing, so you can contact a commercial roofing contractor once you see anything odd.

Oil Canning or Stress Wrinkling

Do the previously flat parts of your roof seem wavy? Metal roof experts describe this as elastic buckling, whereby the metal surface undergoes too much stress to a point where it can no longer maintain its flatness, thus resulting in a wavy effect. Unfortunately, this can happen to any metal roof for several reasons. For example, it can happen when there is an inadequate allowance for frequent expansion and contractions. Oil canning is also a common problem with DIY installations, whereby the installer fails to install a metal panel according to the required dimensions. To prevent oil canning, you need to avoid DIY installations as much as possible and purchase a tension-leveled metal as these are already stretched.

Corrosion Issues

Many building owners complain about corrosion issues with their commercial metal roofs. This happens when the metal roofing surface comes into contact with water and other water-borne substances in the air. Continuous exposure to these conditions may result in holes in the panels and eventually cause leaks. However, this is something you can control by coating the metal. Also, it is important to take care of any present roofing problems, no matter how tiny they seem, as they cause your metal panels to corrode easily. 

Also, when dissimilar metals come into contact in wet conditions, they will begin to corrode, causing your metal roof to wear faster. So again, watch out for such mistakes. It helps to work with a commercial roofer so such errors won't happen. 

Compromised Fastener

This is an issue prevalent in metals with exposed fasteners and may cause your roof to start leaking. The fasteners may corrode or loosen up due to strong winds or old age. In such cases, the commercial roofer will replace the affected fasteners. 

While you cannot predict when your metal roof may fail, knowing the above problems puts you a step ahead of the situation. Along with that, you also need to partner with a commercial roofer so they can take care of your metal roof.