Frequently Asked Questions about Infrared Roof Scanning

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If you are having a roof inspection completed or if there are concerns that your roof may be leaking, the roofing company you are working with may recommend a roofing service called infrared roof scanning. Infrared roof scanning uses an infrared camera to capture infrared photos or videos of your roof. Most people are not familiar with infrared roof scanning and may have many questions when a roofer recommends it. Read on to get answers to some of the frequently asked questions about infrared roof scanning. 

Can Infrared Roof Scanning Be Completed on Every Type of Roof? 

Infrared roof scanning is not a roofing service that can be completed on every type of roof. This roofing service is best utilized on flat roofs or low slope roofs. In addition to not being able to be used on every roof type, infrared roof scanning needs to be completed in specific conditions. The scanning cannot be completed if it is raining or snowing. Wind should be minimal for the best scanning results. And the scanning process is best completed when the sun has set or prior to the sun rising. 

What Are the Benefits of Infrared Roof Scanning? 

One benefit associated with having infrared roof scanning completed is that the infrared camera can detect whether there is moisture in your roof. This is one of the best ways to find out if water is leaking through the exterior layer of your roofing materials. Most people do not find out they have a roof leak until water makes its way through all of the layers of roofing. This can be costly to repair. Finding out you have a leak earlier can help you save time and money when it comes to roofing repairs. 

When Should You Have Infrared Roof Scanning Completed? 

Some roofing companies recommend that you complete infrared roof scanning as part of your annual roofing inspection. This roofing service is also recommended if a roofer suspects that you may have a leak in your roof. A roofer can complete the infrared roofing scan, rather than peeling back the layers of your roof to find out if water is seeping through the exterior layers of your roof. 

Infrared roof scanning can be completed as part of a routine roof inspection or can be completed if there are specific concerns about your roof leaking. If a roofing company recommends that you have infrared roof scanning completed, you should ask them why they are recommending this roofing service at this time. That will help you decide if it is a service you want to have completed at this time or if it is a service you wish to put off. 

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