A Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Windows After Installation

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From the outside, your windows have an aesthetic function, while they serve different functions from the inside. Your windows provide light, protection, and warmth to your family. Having new windows installed is a valuable improvement to your home, but how do you ensure your windows give you the best service post installation?

Clean Them Often 

A simple way to take care of your windows that will extend their durability is to clean them. It is best to clean your windows during fall as you prepare for winter and during spring to eliminate the dirt and other particles that accumulate during winter.

Remember to clean your window tracks since dirt, grime, and other particles can get into the tracks, making it hard to operate the windows. Use a dry brush to clean the tracks after cleaning the windows.

Keep Your Window Track Lubricated

If you slide your windows when opening them, you should lubricate the tracks to avoid friction and wear and tear. The right lubricant will depend on the material. If you have vinyl window tracks, get a silicone lubricant for them. On the other hand, if your tracks are wooden, the wax will lubricate best.

After applying a lubricant, operate the window to ensure it works effectively. Besides preventing wear and tear, lubricants reduce the need for frequent window repairs, saving you money.

Avoid Causes of Damage

Did you get new windows because the others got damaged? Avoid causes of damage. For example, add external grills if the window is around your children's playing area to avoid damage from thrown objects like balls.

If the window is next to your garden and has some shrubs, consider trimming them. While vegetation may look harmless, it can overgrow and scratch your windows. They can also break the window if strong winds blow.

Have Window Experts Inspect the New Windows Occasionally

The role of experts doesn't end at windows installation. Always schedule a windows inspection at least once a year. A window expert can check and detect cracks, leaks, chipped paints, turning window cranks, and problems with sliding sashes.

They also offer repairs if need be. An inspection helps catch issues before they escalate and become an expensive problem to repair. You might need frequent inspections if you live near an ocean since seawater and salt air can cause damage to your windows.

Buying new windows and having an expert install them is only the beginning. You need to take care of your windows after installation to make them durable and more efficient. Follow the recommended tips above and get the most out of your new windows.