Hiring A Roofing Contractor To Work On Your Rental Home

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In most ways, having a rental home re-roofed is about the same as having your own, private residence re-roofed. You choose the materials, make a deposit, and wait for your roofing company to replace the roof. There are, however, some specific tips you may want to follow to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Check what hours the roofers plan on working

You don't want your renters to be surprised or disturbed by the roofers working really early in the morning or late at night. So, before you hire a specific roofing company, ask what hours they plan on working. Explain that the home you're having roofed is a rental and that you'd prefer they not work too early or too late. Most roofers will accommodate this request, although it may mean it takes them an extra day or two to complete the roof project since they're working shorter days. 

See whether the roofers will need access to the attic

Sometimes, roofers need to get into the attic of the home in order to check the insulation or vents and to assess the current condition of the roof deck. Other times, they may not feel this is necessary. Ask the roofers whether they need attic access so you can set this up with your renters in advance. You may need to be there to let the roofers in and out of the apartment if the renters will not be home while they are working. And in most areas, you need your renters' advance permission to enter the space.

Check the cleanup procedures

Roofing companies are typically pretty good about cleaning up any messes that they leave behind. But since this is not your own home, you want to be extra sure there won't be any nails left behind for renters to step on. You also want to make sure shingle scraps don't fall on renters' cars. So, check with the roofers about their cleanup procedures, and ask if they use a magnet to capture stray nails afterward. If they do not, this is something you may want to do yourself the day after the roofing job. 

By asking the right questions and taking a few extra steps, you can make sure the re-roofing project goes well for you, your renters, and your roofing company. Most roofers have worked on rentals before, so these requests won't be new to them.

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