Do You Have A Damaged Roofing Ventilation? 3 Reasons To Seek Urgent Repair Services

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The effects of a poorly ventilated roof are not always apparent. Therefore, most homeowners do not always treat their roofing ventilation system with the care it deserves. They fail to understand that ventilation impacts the integrity of the roofing system. When the ventilation is damaged, the roof deteriorates and causes leaks and discomfort in your home. Therefore, you should seek roof repair services if your attic ventilation fails. The article will discuss the impacts of having a roof that is not well-ventilated.

1. Rust

Your roof has several metallic parts that help to hold it together. Examples include the parts connecting the shingles to the deck, fasteners, and nails. If your roof has poor ventilation, moisture will build up on it, thus causing the metallic parts to rust. Rust is unsightly, and it will compromise your home's curb appeal. It will also weaken the metallic components causing them to break down after a few years. When this happens, the shingles could be blown away, or the roof collapse into the house. Therefore, you will need to replace it. Remember that roof replacement projects are expensive and time-consuming. So, focus on prolonging the life of your roof by hiring a roofing contractor to fix the roofing ventilation.

2. Heat

Hot air is light, which is why it rises to the attic. Unlike the rest of the house, it is important to note that the attic is not climate controlled, so you need to look for alternative ways to get rid of the hot air, like installing ventilators. However, the hot air will remain trapped when the ventilation is damaged. If you do not address this issue, the heat might dry out the materials used to make the roof causing them to lose their flexibility and stability. In turn, they can easily crack, warp, or break easily. Such a situation will make your roof more prone to leaks, which might cause more issues like water damage and mold growth.

3. Condensation

If your roof's ventilation is failing, you will likely get condensation. This occurs because water molecules turn to vapor when the temperatures are too hot, causing the air to hold more moisture. If this happens in your attic, the moisture will condense in the cold areas, thus creating a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth. These fungi can harm your family and also make the roof rot.

Rust, heat, and condensation are problems caused by a damaged ventilation system. You can deal with this by hiring a roofing contractor to fix your roofing ventilation and help extend the life of your roofing system.