Why Your New Home's Attic Requires Proper Ventilation

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Are you building a home with an attic? Incorporating attic space into the design of your new home construction is a clever way to create extra space you can utilize when the need arises. That said, an attic is a vital part of the roofing system, and it will require careful consideration when designing your residential roof.

Although attics require insulation to protect the inside of your home from extreme outdoor temperatures, they also need to breathe. When it is done correctly, attic ventilation serves this purpose.

Keep reading to discover the benefits that proper attic ventilation can provide your home with.

Cools Your Home During Summertime

Attic vents are, in the simplest form, holes placed in the attic of the home to create a balanced ventilation system. The primary purpose of these holes is to keep the air moving, with as much air entering the attic as it leaves.

Two main types of vents are available for attics – intake vents and exhaust vents. As the names imply, intake vents allow air to enter the attics, while their exhaust counterparts allow air to escape. The natural stack effect that attic ventilation creates allows you to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency in your home.

In summer weather, warmer air rises to the highest point of the attic where the exhaust vents are located, releasing unwanted heat to the outside environment. As a result, the space below the attic remains cooler, contributing to lower summer energy bills.

Reduces Winter Moisture Problems

During the winter season, when the outside temperatures are lower than the temperature inside your home and attic, the temperature difference can cause moisture to build up inside the attic, resulting in moisture-related issues such as wood rot, mold growth, peeling paint, and damaged insulation.

In a well-ventilated attic, moisture is released with the warmer air as the attic draws the colder, outside air. With proper attic insulation, the cold air should not significantly affect the comfort of your interior living space. As a result, you don't have to worry about moisture wreaking havoc in your attic and home.

Attic spaces provide lots of natural light and tranquility and can boost the resale value of your home tremendously. That said, they do require a proper design to build correctly. Get in touch with a local residential roofing contractor to discuss your roofing project. They can help you understand your options.