2 Reasons To Have A Commercial Roofing Company Perform Preventative Maintenance On Your Business's Flat Roof

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When you have a commercial building, you may already have a maintenance crew that can take care of many of the general problems as well as check systems to prevent issues from arising. You may believe that they can also perform preventative maintenance on the building's flat roof.

However, unless one or more of the crew members are specially trained and licensed to work on a commercial flat roof, they may not know exactly what to check or what to do when issues are found. Instead, consider the reasons you should instead have a commercial roofer perform regular preventative maintenance on your business's flat roof.

1. They Can Find Small Tears and Cuts in the Membrane and Repair Them Before They Cause Major Issues

One reason you should have a professional perform preventative maintenance on your building's flat roof is that they will fully inspect the top membrane for small tears and cuts. While your current crew may recognize larger areas of damage, they may not have the experience to find the smaller ones as well as how to repair them.

However, a commercial roofer will know exactly what to look for when finding torn areas of the membrane, not only cuts but also bubbling or flaking. When they do find these areas, they can patch them before the membrane is damaged further and causes major damage and water leaks inside the building.

2. They Will Check the Flashing Around Vents and Other Structures on the Roof for Separation and Fix It

While they are checking the membrane, another area the commercial roofer will inspect when performing preventative maintenance is the flashing. While obvious separation of the flashing around the vents and other structures may be found by your maintenance crew, they may not be able to recognize more subtle signs.

However, during the maintenance call, the professional will not only find potential problems in areas of flashing separation, but they also have the tools and skills to reattach or replace it. This keeps the areas around vent pipes, access panels, and other structures from becoming an entryway for water into the building.

When you have a roofer come out and perform preventative maintenance on your commercial building's flat roof, they can find and repair small tears and cuts in the membrane before they grow and cause leaks. They will also check the flashing to make sure that it is still tight and flush against the structures. If your building is long overdue for preventative maintenance from a professional, contact a commercial roofing company to speak with someone to schedule a service call.

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