3 Common Roofing Repairs That Could Be Needed After A Bad Storm

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It's a good idea to check your asphalt shingle roof after a bad storm. Storms can damage roofing if the wind catches the shingles just right. Plus, hail damage is a big concern with asphalt shingles since hail can ruin a roof if there are enough hail strikes on it.

It's worth it to pay a roofer to check your roof for storm damage, especially if neighbors have roof damage or you see a lot of damage to your gutters or other parts of your property. Here are some storm damage roofing repairs your home might need.

1. Replace Shingles Damaged By Impacts

A storm can blow debris against your roof. If debris slams with enough force, your shingles could be cracked or damaged. Strong wind might blow some loose chimney bricks on the shingles, or there may even be hail that beats against the roof.

Your roofer will check your entire roof for impact damage. If there's a lot, as might happen with hail, your insurance company may replace your roof. If there is scattered damage, the roofer may just replace the damaged shingles with new ones.

2. Replace Missing Shingles

It's important to replace missing shingles as soon as you can so rain won't get the deck wet or roll under other shingles. Replacing shingles is a fairly easy roof repair, but if your roofer doesn't have time due to being busy after the storm, they might place a roof tarp over the area so your roof is protected until the shingles can be replaced.

3. Patch A Hole In The Deck

If a tree limb falls on the deck and crashes through to your attic, you'll need a tree company to get rid of the tree first, and then the roofing company can cover the hole with a tarp until repairs can be done. It's important to cover a hole in your roof since not only does rain get in, but raccoons, squirrels, rats, and other pests can get in your attic if the hole is left open.

The roofer needs to assess your entire roof to determine if repairs are a good option or if your roof should be replaced. Your insurance company may determine how the roofer proceeds by whether they'll only pay for repairs or if they'll pay to replace the roof.

The roof repairs needed for this type of storm damage include tearing off all the damaged shingles, cutting out the damaged area of the plywood deck, nailing in new plywood, and then covering the plywood with underlayment and new shingles. If the limb caused damage to a rafter, the roofer may need to have a rafter replaced or stabilized too. 

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