Tiny Leaks And The Ways Roofers Repair Them

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Every roof leak, no matter how tiny, demands attention from a roofer. Even small leaks can cause pretty substantial water damage over time, and fixing that damage will cost a lot more than fixing a simple roof leak. Plus, a small leak has a tendency to get larger if you don't address it, and you really don't want to wake up at midnight to water pouring in through your attic. All of this advice may leave you with a question: how do roofers address a small roof leak? They may take one of the following approaches, depending on the cause of the leak.

Seal down lifted shingles.

Tiny roof leaks are sometimes caused by shingles that get lifted along one edge. A little water might seep under the lifted shingle when the wind blows just the right way or when melting snow sits over that lifted shingle. A roofer can usually seal down a lifted shingle by putting some roof tar under one edge. They may also use a nail to hold the shingle down in some cases. Badly lifted shingles can be replaced, but if the roof leak is small, you usually don't need this extensive intervention.

Replace flashing.

Damaged or missing flashing is another common cause of small roof leaks. Flashing is meant to form a barrier and prevent water from seeping under the edges of shingles that surround chimneys and vents. If the flashing gets blown off or badly bent in a storm, it may no longer do this job well. A roofer can replace the flashing. They may use thicker or larger flashing this time so the new flashing does not suffer the same fate as the old.

Replace the vents.

Sometimes when you get a little water leakage, it's because your roof vents are allowing water inside during a storm. If you have old vents without a baffle at the bottom, then wind-driven rain can easily get pushed up through them. Your roof repair team can remove these old, leaky vents and replace them with new ones that have a baffle to stop water entry. 

No roof leak is small enough to ignore. If you notice any water at all in your attic or on your attic beams, contact a roof repair company. They can seal down lifted shingles, replace leaky vents, or replace missing flashing. For more information on shingle roof repair, contact a professional near you.