2 Early Warning Signs The Flat Roof On Your Commercial Building Needs Repairs

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When you own a building where you conduct your business, the last thing that you need is a leaking roof. If the building has a flat roof, it can sometimes be difficult to catch problems early enough to have them fixed before leaks start happening.

Fortunately, if you know what to look for, you can find potential problems with the roof before they become serious enough to cause water damage inside the building. Below are a couple of early warning signs that you should be aware of that indicate that the flat roof on your commercial building needs repairs.

1. Top of the Roof Appears to Have Ripples Whenever the Wind Blows Across It

One early warning sign that you should look for when determining if there is an issue with your commercial building's flat roof is rippling that occurs when the wind blows across it. On a windy day, go up onto the roof and watch the surface to see if it appears to have ripples or waves.

If you see ripples or waves, this should alert you to a problem with the membrane becoming loose when it should tightly adhere to the underlying layer. Because a loose top membrane is more prone to ripping and tearing, you should contact a roofing professional as soon as possible to either reattach the membrane or replace it before it is damaged.

2. Small Puddles Start to Form on the Surface of the Flat Roof after a Rain Shower

Another early warning sign of potential problems with your business building's flat roof is when you notice small puddles on the surface. After a rain shower, go up and look to see if water has accumulated.

If water puddles are forming, the roof may have started to break down in some areas. Or, the system designed to drain water off of the flat surface may be clogged or damaged. In either case, a roofer should be called in to take a look at it to see what repairs are needed.

If the top membrane of the building's flat roof becomes loose enough that ripples form whenever the wind blows across it, it is no longer tightly adhered and is in danger of ripping and tearing. You may also find small puddles after a rain shower forming on the roof's surface, indicating that it is either starting to break down or the drainage system is damaged and needs to be fixed. If you notice these early warning signs, contact a business that offers commercial flat roof repair services to schedule a service call to have a professional inspect the roof to see what needs to be fixed.

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