What Are Your Options For A Modern-Looking Roof?

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If you want to make your home look more modern, then, of course, this is something to take into account as you replace the roof. You won't just want to go with standard black shingles or with cedar shakes, as both of those looks are quite dated. However, giving your roof a more modern look is not as hard as you might assume. Here are some approachable roofing options that are decidedly modern and not too hard to come by.

Colorful Architectural Shingles

The days of 3-tab shingles are gone. Architectural shingles are now considered the standard, both for stylistic and functional reasons. These shingles, which feature sections of various sizes and shapes, create a lot of visual interest. They also tend to shed water better, which means they are less prone to damage and last a lot longer.

Even black architectural shingles are pretty modern, but if you want a really modern look, you can choose them in a brighter color. Roofing companies are making navy blue, dark green, rust, and other outdoorsy colors. Imagine your home with a colorful roof and the same color echoed throughout the trim and landscaping; now that's modern.

Metal Sheets

Metal roofing definitely sounds futuristic. It has been around for a while but has only become really popular over the last few years as people have begun to appreciate its sleek, streamlined appearance. Metal sheet roofing sheds snow really well, which makes it a good choice for places with harsh winters. While you usually see it in more neutral colors like gray and tan, you can find it in more colorful shades, too.

Both aluminum and stainless steel roofing are available. Stainless steel is a bit more durable, but aluminum tends to be cheaper and can be a perfectly suitable and modern choice if you're on a budget.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing comes in a roll, and your roofer rolls it out onto the roof surface, using a special adhesive to secure it. While it does not have the most detailed or interesting look, its simplicity has a modern appeal. Rubber roofing is very affordable, lightweight, and quick to install. It's not a good option if you have a tree overhanging your roof since branches could tear holes in it, but otherwise, rubber is a solid modern option.

Bring your home into the modern era with one of these roofing options. A roofing company can help you decide which residential roof replacement is the best choice for your circumstances.