Roof Hail Damage: Signs You Have It And What You Should Do About It

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Roof hail damage is nothing to scoff at and if you have it, it's important to have your roofing contractor inspect your property right away. Whether you think your roof hail damage is minor to where you can't even see it or more severe, you should call a roof hail damage services company as soon you notice any issues with your roof. Here are some signs you have roof hail damage and what you should do about it.

The roof looks pitted or uneven

Some styles of roofs might show more noticeable roof hail damage than others, For example, a steel or copper roof might look more pitted or dented than an asphalt or wood-shingled roof might. However, if your roof looks pitted or uneven at all following a hail storm no matter what its materials are made of, then you should prepare to have roof hail damage repair done.

The roof is missing materials, or you see materials on the ground

If you see any roofing materials on the ground following a hail storm or you see shingles hanging loose or see other signs of roof damage, then you need to call a roofer right away to assess the damage. Even small hail stones can make a large amount of damage to a roof since the surface area covered over an extended period of time will cause serious concern.

Other parts of your home are damaged

If you don't see any damage to your roof, but you've lost a few windows or had some siding damage as a result of a hail storm, odds are you have some roof hail damage as well. Don't go on your roof to check for signs of damage; call a roofing contractor to check your roof for roof hail damage and make repairs as needed.

What you need to do about your roof damage

When you have roof hail damage on your home, you want to have the issue dealt with professionally right away. A damage restoration company, like a roof hail damage services company, is who you want to have come to your home and fix things as needed. Call your home insurance company and see what your insurance covers regarding hail damage, which is usually the case. However, you will need to submit a claim and get quotes for roof hail damage repair before your home insurance will kick in. You may have a deductible for the damage as well.

Contact a roof hail damage service in your area to learn more.