2 Signs A Patch Of Shingles On Your Home's Roof Need Repair

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While looking at your home's roof, you may notice a patch of shingles that doesn't look quite right. While the rest of the roof's shingles appear to be in good shape, the one patch may have issues. Below are a couple of signs that you should look for to determine whether or not the suspicious patch of shingles on your home's roof needs to be repaired.

1.  Edges of the Shingles Are No Longer Flat

One sign you should be on the lookout for when trying to determine whether a patch of your roof's shingles are damaged and need to be fixed can be ascertained by looking at their edges. Normally, the edges lay flush against one another to provide a seal that protects the underlying plywood from damage.

However, if the shingles start to dry out or have been subjected to extreme expansion and contraction from rapid temperature changes, they may start to curl up. When the edges curl up, the seals that the shingles normally provide are broken.

Once these seals are broken, water can infiltrate the plywood beneath the shingles, creating the risk of rotting. If this happens, leaks will eventually start appearing in your home. 

2.  Shingles Appear Darker Than Those on the Rest of the Roof

Whether or not the edges of the shingles are no longer flush against the roof, another sign that indicates a potential problem with the area is a marked difference in the color of the shingles from the ones surrounding them.

Normally, the color of your roof should be uniform. However, if you notice that one patch is darker than the rest of the roof, this change in color usually means that the shingles are staying wet. If they are staying wet, this usually means that water has already seeped underneath the shingles and is not evaporating as quickly as the moisture on the rest of your roof.

While the problem could be with the shingles in that particular area, the water could also be running underneath them from a damaged area above them. A professional can determine the location of the actual leak problem so that both it and the affected shingles can be addressed.

If you have a patch of curled-up shingles on your roof that appear darker than the adjoining ones but the rest of the roof is still in good shape, you should be able to get by with getting that area fixed by a professional. Contact a contractor near you who provides roof repair services to have them fully inspect your roof to make sure that only that one area needs attention.